:: Consulting ::

Consulting is the backbone of all services. I always advise that consulting be done first.
Consulting helps me by getting acquainted with your core needs and it helps to speed up your future application.


:: Web Design ::

"Interactivity is a must if you want attention."

Today having a web site is not just a marketing scam, it has become a necessity. It helps you bring an identity onto the web. I believe I can create a web site that reflects the identity of your business.

Standard HTML websites professionally designed, clean coded html pages, utilizing Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for consistent and fast downloaded pages.
Web design with Jquery offers interactivity, no need for flash and it is viewable in every browser.
Graphic user interface design (buttons, bars, navigation, etc.)


:: Web Development ::

"No database is too big for a small company."
Whether you run a small or big company, you probably deal with tons of paper.
Specializing on User-friendly applications with Coldfusion to help maintain your data, providing interactive forms, and presenting reports or charts by connecting to back-end databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, or MySQL.


:: iPhone Web Development ::

iPhone applications give users all over the world over 3G or WiFi the opportunity to access information easily from anywhere everywhere.
I can convert your existing site into an iPhone mobile friendly site to help you promote your business in this device.


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