jquery mobile dynamic page refresh with load method

There's been some sample codes that show how to refresh a section of a jquery mobile page after adding HTML dynamically to jquery mobile using the load's my take on it.

Jquery autocomplete with Coldfusion

Well, I was in need of this little snippet and needed to come up with a way that I could use tag based plus some additional features.

Change Jquery UI Dialog Title

I have a UI Dialog box and I wanted to change the title.  As easy as it sounds, it was a bit of a pain to find and implement, so here's how I did it.

Add New Row with Jquery and Coldfusion

I've ran into some instances where I needed to add a new rows to tables using jQuery and Coldfusion and I always spend the time googling to always find different answers, therefore, I figure I should start keeping track of the things I've done.

So before I forget, I'm posting a solution I wrote based on some work by Ray Camden, pieces I found on the net and some CF friends.