Game dims after a while

This little tip came from Jonathan Beebe from Beebe Games which I then told Peach Pellen about it and she added it as a small tutorial on

Now that I started my blog, I figured I should include it as part of my snippet collection so I don't have to be searching for it all over my emails and such.

Now to the tip, the device dims (and will eventually go to sleep) due to lack of touches on the screen.

Thankfully, there's a simple fix:

system.setIdleTimer( false ) 

Just add it to your "game.lua" and set it back to true on menu or game over screens.

It is recommened to set to true any point in your file where the user might leave their device unattended for a while, but always set it to false during gameplay.

My tip is to only use this if your game will NOT have any touch interactivity for more than 30 seconds.

And that's it!