Change Jquery UI Dialog Title

I have a UI Dialog box and I wanted to change the title.  As easy as it sounds, it was a bit of a pain to find and implement, so here's how I did it.

InitCap in SQL Server

Coming from Oracle, Initcap was a life saver; especially dealing with First and Last Names stored in the database.

Trunc Date in SQL Server

This is my version of Oracle's Trunc function in SQL Server.

Add New Row with Jquery and Coldfusion

I've ran into some instances where I needed to add a new rows to tables using jQuery and Coldfusion and I always spend the time googling to always find different answers, therefore, I figure I should start keeping track of the things I've done.

So before I forget, I'm posting a solution I wrote based on some work by Ray Camden, pieces I found on the net and some CF friends.

Bunny Egg Cart

After playing some of my 'runner' type games, my little one asked me if I had something 'easy' she could play and win. The oldest right away asked if I could build one for them; I asked them to give me a concept and here ya go.

Hello World!

That's right, I have a blog now :)